Available Policies

Multiple Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI)


  • Protects against loss in yield due to most all natural causes (drought, excess moisture, cold and frost, wind, flood, and damage by insects and disease).
  • Guarantees yield based on the producer’s Actual Production History (APH).
  • If the production count to count is less than the yield guarantee, then the insured is paid a loss.
  • Does not cover losses due to the producer not following good farming practices, low commodity prices, theft, or certain other perils.

Revenue Protection Coverage (RP)


  • Final guarantee- an amount of revenue guaranteed by the policy based on the producer’s APH and the greater of either the base price or the harvest price.
  • Premium- is calculated using the base price.
  • Protects producer revenue by addressing both yield and price risks.
  • Covers revenue losses due to low prices, low yield, or both.
  • Loss is due when the calculated revenue is less than the final guarantee.

Catastrophic (CAT)


  • CAT is the minimum level of MPCI covering 50% of a producer’s yield and 55% of the price.
  • The premium is 100% subsidized.
  • The producer must pay $300 per crop per county administrative fee.
  • Farmers with limited resources may be eligible for a waiver of the CAT coverage fee.

Adjusted Gross Revenue (AGR)


  • Uses producer’s IRS Schedule F tax form history or equivalent information as a base to provide a level of guaranteed revenue for the insurance period.
  • Protects against low farm revenue due to natural disaster or market fluctuation.
  • Covered farm revenue is income from agricultural commodities reported on the Schedule F tax forms, including incidental amounts from animals, animal products, and aquaculture reared in a controlled environment.
  • Incidental livestock income represents the crop production value fed to livestock.

Private Named Peril (Crop-Hail)


  • Protection against certain named perils. Payment is based on percent damage multiplied by the liability, or protection purchased less the deductible.
  • Acre by acre protection which reflects the actual cash value damage.